• Respect the stated objective and code of ethics.
  • Engage in professional activities with sincerity, moral rectitude, decency, equity, and good faith so that your acts and behavior reflect well on the profession.
  • Respect all applicable laws and rules on leadership, governance, and health management in the jurisdictions where the member resides or engages in professional activities.
  • Maintain competency in health management, leadership, and governance by putting in place a personal development program that includes assessment and ongoing training.
  • Refrain from inappropriately using business connections for personal benefit.
    Any financial or other conflicts of interest should be disclosed to HeSMA
  • Follow the HeSMA Code of Ethics for the benefit of the profession, not for your own gain.
  • Be mindful of professional confidentiality.
  • Improve the standing and reputation of the health systems/care management field by engaging in community service and good public awareness campaigns.
  • Avoid getting involved in any activity that undermines the respect and legitimacy of the health systems/care management profession.


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