Celebrating World Patients Safety Week

At HeSMA all members have signed up to ensure the existence of a process to evaluate and improve the quality of care or services rendered to patients to ensure safety is of the highest level possible. Health systems practioners must avoid practicing or facilitating discrimination of individuals and patients, and institute safeguards to prevent discriminatory organizational practices. They must ensure the existence of a process that will advise patients and others of their respective rights, opportunities, responsibilities and risks regarding available
healthcare services, products and other interventions. This Thursday we are holding online Twitter discussion.

Topic: Securing Safe Health Services for Clients in a Strengthened Health System

Date: Thursday 14th Sept 2023

Time:19.00hrs [EAT]

link: https://lnkd.in/dFHaQQEg

We host as panelists Dr. Vivian Mbote ,Nyokabi Gakara Oduor – Otieno F. moderated by Walter Kibet Kiptirim &Elizabeth Wamwea.

All Health Systems practioners are welcome to attend through Twitter Spaces powered by HeSMA. Fredrick Kimemia JOHN MASASABI Rachel Waireri, PhDc, MBA, MHA


Most Innovative Medicine & Healthcare Management Solutions Provider 2023

MEA Markets has awarded HeSMA the “Most Innovative Medicine & Healthcare Management Solutions Provider 2023 – East Africa Award”   As featured in the African Excellence Awards 2023! HeSMA took part in the sixth annual African Excellence Awards 2023 featuring growing influence of African business on the world stage by spotlighting outstanding professionals, brands and firms who have led the way in their respective industries across the past 12 months.

“Following on from your recent nomination, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that HeSMA has been successful this year and has gone on to receive…Most Innovative Medicine & Healthcare Management Solutions Provider 2023 – East Africa…in the African Excellence Awards 2023! ” MEA publications

The publication continued ” We sincerely hope you are pleased with the news and the reflection this has upon HeSMA’s dedicated efforts towards professionalization of health sector Management. To determine the results, MEA Market‘s judging panel and research team took into consideration the commitment, expertise, and innovation shown by the nominee through nomination information, voting information, other supporting evidence that you have supplied, along with the results from your own extensive period of fact-checking and research.”

“As a professional body in the health sector our focus is on. We have set up the systems to revolutionize how health is delivered and managed. Our change model focus on individual professionals who have signed up to go through the rigorous process of professional development and accountability. Our mandate as professionals is to influence the healthcare system from the design stage, support and overall sustainability. At HeSMA we stand to stick to excellence. We are to be counted for innovation and versatility”, Fredrick Kimemia,  HeSMA President

HeSMA hope is to transcend the Middle and East Africa in the next 10 years. We seek to provide solutions to health systems issues within the 6 pillars of the building blocks. We will not tire until the system is able to produce the following;

  • Good health services which deliver effective, safe, quality personal and non-personal health interventions to those that need them, when and where needed, with minimum waste of resources.
  • A well-performing health workforce that works in ways that are responsive, fair and efficient to achieve the best health outcomes possible, given available resources and circumstances (i.e., there are sufficient staff, fairly distributed; they are competent, responsive and productive).
  • A well-functioning health information system that ensures the production, analysis, dissemination and use of reliable and timely information on health determinants, health system performance and health status
  • A well-functioning health system ensures equitable access to essential medical products, vaccines and technologies of assured quality, safety, efficacy and cost- effectiveness, and their scientifically sound and cost-effective use.
  • A good health financing system that raises adequate funds for health, in ways that ensure people can use needed services, and are protected from financial catastrophe.

Any healthcare Manager can join this network. You need to be the change you want to see. To join contact, us through our interactive media WhatsApp +254729872543 or email Membership Relations Executive membership@hesma.or.ke  




Revolutionizing Healthcare. Must Do!

As the HeSMA board on behalf of all the members and users of health services, we are excited to offer insights and if needed, an opportunity to contribute to support your mandate to deliver health services to all Kenyan Citizens. With full realization and acknowledgment of your constituents’ high expectations regarding quality of health with a critical focus on improved health services in your counties.  We take this opportunity to share our professional health management ‘wise counsel’ with you.  Which we believe will help empower your steps in the provision of the noble service of healthcare. The Items cover the following areas of the health systems and suggested solutions;

Leadership and Governance; Financing and other resourcing; Human Resources; products and technologies; Health Services; equipment and physical infrastructure;  health innovation, research, and partnership; information systems

For a more detailed problem analysis and suggested solution visit here