Every end of quarter HeSMA has symposia in each of the chapters to be held among the members and stakeholders in Health management.
Please check with your chapters and this website for updates of the symposia available near you

Seminars and Events Priorities

Priorities 2015-2018

  • Membership recruitment from the region
  • Establishment of a secretariat based on the HeSMA organization structure
  • Operationalization of the SP 2014-2017
  • Work with policy holders especially politicians, top leadership and governance
    structures at the Ministry of health, public service commission and finance and human resource managers to ensure that health systems managers have a place in the health sector
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to champion for policy, regulations, and standards on health system issues.
  • Establishment of the Journal of Health System Managers
  • Establish a cadre pertinent to health and recognizable within the stakeholders

    (distinguish from administration)

  • Implementation of code of practice
  • Realization of a scheme of service for Health Systems Managers
  • Regulate, discipline, reward, and sustain the Profession
  • Enlighten members, organizations on different approaches in health
  • Promote principles of equity in Health System Mangers and health systems
  • Conduct audits and assessment to find and promote best practice for health sector
  • Support and develop 7 chapters with representation and liaison office in all the counties
  • Develop functions, roles, duties, responsibilities and term for Health System Manager
  • Provide mentorship for Health System Managers
  • Conduct peer to peer reviews
  • Reward best practices for membership of the association