Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) was founded through collaborative efforts of individual health managers and representatives of training organizations and healthcare providers. The representatives selected a working team that put together a constitution, registered the association. The Association was launched in May 2013. Representative of the health care management institutions were later incorporated and helped in realizing the operating Strategic Plan 2013-2018.

Although great strides have been made in improving the health indicators in Africa in the last 20 years, poor management of the sector has hindered it from being adequately responsive to the needs of the population. Of great concern, has been the level of management responsibilities put on health workers with minimal training and experience in management.

Guided by the motto Professionalism in Health Management through Systems approach, HeSMA supports health systems managers in their professional and academic growth, and development. Today HeSMA remains the only professional voice of the health systems managers. Augmented by its broad infiltrative growing membership, at both individual and corporate levels, HeSMA continues to evolve as the premier organization for health manager capacity building and development. HeSMA’s approach is anchored on adopting multisectoral and multidisciplinary collaborative partnerships. Towards exemplary success, HeSMA will continue to transcend organizational and geographical boundaries to respond to the ever-changing dynamic needs of health systems managers.


To be an effective body of knowledge, skills and practice that promote the highest level of quality health service delivery


To utilize systems approach to influence how health is delivered and managed

To identify, advocate, lead in raising a generation of Health system Managers who will apply the systems thinking to respond to the needs and opportunities

Provide technical support and consultant services on the areas of specializations within the pillars of health system
To establish and develop a body of knowledge, skills and competencies who will be an authority in the leadership, Management and Governance of Health Systems
Professionalize and regulate the training and practice of health systems management in partnership with health ministries and regional professional organizations

Objectives and Activities

Networking and development

To co-operate with government, private sector and development partners with similar objectives together or in part to support the mission and objectives of the association.

Development of Healthcare Management Profession

Advocate for discipline, code of conducts and optimal performance of our members.

Capacity for members

To bring together, provide means of cooperation and unite Health Systems Managers of all cadres and qualifications

Share collective opinions, views and decisions;conduct peer to peer reviews,mentor others on matters affecting health

Capacity for organizations

To bring together, provide means of cooperation and unite Health Systems Managers of all cadres and qualifications. Share collective opinions, views and decisions; conduct peer to peer reviews,mentor others on matters affecting health


  • October 2011

    Idea of an association came up driven by alumni and students on Msc and Bsc program in Health Systems management

  • December 2011

    Research and consultation led by Rachel Onyango Waireri

  • May 2012

    Meetings between Students, Alumni and Rachel Waireri. Patrons were chosen who included Rachel and Prof Odhiambo

  • August 2012

    First meeting called in which a team was chosen and give TOR as listed above. Work started to investigate the viability of an association and a timeline was developed.

  • Oct 2013

    Official Launch of the Association Managers & implementation of 2013-2018 strategic plan

  • January 2013

    Meetings with stakeholders, Ministry Of health and the office of attorney general. Application submitted in March 2013

  • May 2013

    Registration of  regional outfit  for health systems managers  from Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and Kenya.

  • June 2013

    Registration started and the committee registered the first member

  • Aug 2013

    Short course on the new thinking, systems approach to managing health