• Web: On this website, homepage fill in the online application form and submit
  • Or Phone and someone will guide online: Call office line +254-020-2330034/729872543
  • Once the application is received the office approves it in 2 days (MAX) time and a confirmation is sent to the applicant after which a member can pay membership online through MPESA direct to the bank

Open HeSMA website ie www.hesma.or.ke, In the APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP Section enter the few details needed and click SUBMIT. We will call you back after we receive your form. If you have questions, call Deborah on +254-20-2330034 or send email to membership@hesma.or.ke  for immediate assistance..

Corporate Membership

This shall be conferred to companies and corporate bodies in public, private (profit and non profits). The bodies include training institutions, service delivery, and manufacturing organizations. The corporate members are those institutions dealing with Human Resources For Health through training and capacity development/regulations, Health commodities and infrastructure, Information and technology, Health care services, health financing, leadership and management.

Individual Membership
  • Student membership:

    Student members are persons who are undergoing a course of training related to health system management in an institution recognized by the Association. Any person over the age of eighteen years and who is undergoing any training in a health related field in an institution recognized by the Association shall be eligible for membership of the Association and shall be entitled to memnbership  benefits stated

  • Professional membership:

    Professional membership of the Association shall be open to any health manager with a diploma, a degree or any higher qualifications recognized by the Association and are involved in management functions. Membership is based on application, renewal and after satisfying the board that one has undergone professional development within the year and other criteria as approved by the board. Under this categories there are three levels that are distinct in terms of benefits and includes; Bronze, silver and Gold Levels

  • Associate membership:

    Associate membership of the Association shall be open to any manager or individual in health-related field of practice including but not limited to persons in the fields of health management. This category is meant for individuals open to support the activities of the association because they believe in the vision and mission of the association

  • Honorary membership:

    Honorary membership may be conferred on any person (not a member of the Association) who in the majority opinion of the Assembly has made an outstanding contribution to health management.

  • Life membership:

    A life membership shall be conferred by a special resolution of the Assembly upon a health manager who has been recognized by the Assembly as having made an outstanding contribution to the profession

Membership fees:

Every member pays registration fee- 1,250.00 shs once.

All members pay annual fee that includes. The payment could also be staggered based on special arrangement such as check off system with approval or cooperation with your employer. The registration fees aids in processing of application details, development of your profile on the website, preparation of membership cards and certificate.

Annual Membership fees:

25% of your membership fees are exclusively used to maintain the secretariat, while 75% is used for value addition on your membership.

Students: kes 1250.00


  • Professional membership is 3250 kshs per year  (one time registration fee of 1250kshs)

Associate_9,500.00 shs (once)

Honorary_50,000.00 shs (once)

Life membership_50,000.00 shs (once)


  • 1-10 staff 20,000shs
  • 11-50 staff 30,000shs
  • 51-100 staff 40,000shs
  • 100 and over 50,000shs
Membership Benefits

Join HESMA for valuable educational and career support.Increase your professionalism, improve your skills and enhance your knowledge.
Eligibility for certification designations through training entities and ourselves.Professional Certification will demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency to your employers and your peers.
Peer to peer reviews and mentor-ship will help you solve some of the challenges facing you or your organization.
Decentralizing to chapters (county, institutions) will enable members gain an edge by being kept up-to-date on the most recent developments in local area and providing them with a great chance to network with others in their area who could be facing many of the same problems and obstacles in health management.
Membership Directory:-Available on-line could help members keep in touch with other members and organizations both locally(chapter or branch) and nationwide.
Immediate subscription to The Journal Of Health Systems Management will also allow professional growth.
We also offer discounts on products and services e.g. further training in the universities MSC or Post grad diplomas.
Eligibility for some form of certification. This will demonstrate members’ knowledge and proficiency to employers.
Exclusive invitation and pricing to the HESMA’s Annual and bi annual conferences known for excellence in education, value, and networking.
Invitation to an active scholarship and awards program (post graduate)

  1. The HeSMA Associate Membership offers unique “access” and “visibility” among HeSMA’s member hospitals, NGOs, Private institutions, and media. This is achieved partly by allowing your organization to post its company logo and health care mission statement on the website, including a backlink to your organization’s website. This is a proven vehicle to create additional web traffic (and fresh interest) for what you provide. Your employees will also receive access to the content areas of the HeSMA website keeping them as up-to-date on emerging issues.
  2. Your organization will receive important data publications for free including the Journal on Health Systems Management and updates on the different pillars of health e.g. Health financing, Human resource for health, Health care services, Pharmaceuticals, and other medical supplies/equipment, the best management, and leadership practices and use of ICT in health. This is based on your core area and your preference.
  3. Associate Membership is also a way for your organization to be “at the table” to hear about the key issues in play among Kenya’s and regional health trends and the specific activities HESMA is conducting to address these issues.
  4. By participating in the regular briefings and other events designed specifically for Associate Members, your organization will be as up to the minute on health legislation and HESMA’s advocacy efforts. It’s also possible that you will be invited to appear on committees and task forces on emerging issues that relate to your expertise in the healthcare field.
  5. Opportunities to get endorsements on medical equipment, supplies, Medicines, Health Care Solutions and ICT software, Construction designs, Publications as either products or services.
  6. You get to participate being part of the beneficiary of our institutionalization of best Health Systems Approaches and you get to participate in yearly award systems for the best performing Hospitals.
  7. Referrals from our clients and partners who wish to learn or do business with your organization.
Professional Members
Over and above regular membership benefits the following are the categories and specific membership benefits for levels in the association for professional members.

Card Holders
  • Bronze

    Regular memberships, recommended for managers at any level who have are practicing managers.Regular benefits as in the membership benefits above
    Other benefits includes networking opportunities, referral/linking to career development opportunities, research/internship and scholarship opportunities, Mentorship, recognition, invitation to conferences, access to Journal of HSM, etc

  • Silver

    Recommended to founders, strategists, facilitators, faculty and trainers.Above benefits PLUS Consultancy services for and on behalf of HeSMA, facilitate professional trainings, being in committees, boards, staff of the association and exclusive discounts to conferences.

  • Gold

    Recommended to national mentors, honorary membership, National officials and policy holders.All above benefits AND appointment to taskforces, committees, guest speakers, representatives of the associations on major forums, membership to international and national affiliations as representatives of HeSMA, branch heads.

  • Students

    • Recognition within Kenya and region by employers and training institutions
    • Internship within the corporate members
    • Exclusive invitation and pricing to the HeSMA annual events with excellence in education, value, and networking.
    • Unlimited networking and information exchange through HeSMA website and chapter interaction.
    • Opportunities to conduct your project and thesis- HeSMA are the only area that will guide you on a Health Systems Research topic. We have a health Systems Approach and our staff and members are well trained to guide you on the topics within the 7 directorates representing a health Systems
    • Internship opportunities as you find the next stop after school.
    • Opportunities to help in other research as intern or support research assistant
    • Peer to peer reviews and mentorship will help you solve some of the challenges facing you or your organization (especially for the in-service).
    • Short and long term courses, scholarship, awards, career guidance options within and outside the organization will provide you a chance to secure high quality jobs in the region.
    • Recognition within Kenya and region by employers and training institutions.
    • Exclusive invitation and pricing to the HeSMA annual events with excellence in education, value, and networking.

All payments are receipted and serial numbers given for your records. The payment must be done in KSHS ONLY. Please ensure you get receipts from the point of payment (either electronic or manual). You can pay after an application form is submitted as this will help the office link your payments to the membership information. You could also pay as check-off systems through your employer. For an online payment system; you could deposit directly, conduct an electronic transfer, or pay through Safaricom MPESA our Till number for MPESA is 345145

  • The payment details are as follows;

    You could do a direct deposit or do an electronic transfer from your bank to HESMAs Bank; Barclays

    Branch: Market Branch

    Account name: Health Systems Management Association

    Account Number: 2028120276

  • Or write a check and send it to us (closed) under the association name to

    PO BOX 52165 Nairobi 00100

  • For Mpesa Payment;

    • Go to MPESA from your phone SIM Application,
    • Select Payment Services,
    • Enter 303030 as business number,
    • Enter HESMA account number: 2028120276.

    A Message will be sent to you by the bank. Once you receive it send it to our staff number who will acknowledge receipt and issue you a physical receipt.

HeSMA has an all-year membership cycle based on your registration date. Your membership number has the month of registration and year such that we can know when you’re due for renewal. Your entitlement to benefits only exists for the period your status is active

Kindly sign off through the APPLY MEMBERSHIP and we will be able to pick new details and store in our database

Membership Sections and Forums are included at no additional charge to all members. You may join as many Sections as you wish, with full access to the specialized news, information, and services of each. We link you up to other forums explicitly created for healthcare managers within and outside the country. One of the major resources is the MSH resource for health managers on www.hsm-kenya.org.  You get opportunities that other managers do not get. These forums will bring to your computer or phone updates, jobs, and professional and social networks that are not comparable.

Students, who are HESMA members, will get educational materials and research topics, and other guidance as they go through colleges and universities.

Health Systems Management Association

PO BOX 22595 Nairobi 00505

Telephone +254202330034/0729872543

Alternate email: info@hesma.or.ke


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Some of our members are international. HeSMA is open to local, regional and international membership. You are eligible to register and enjoy full membership benefits.

We have desks and offices in the regions of Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Embu, and Mombasa. Please call the office line for directions

Visit the HeSMA online education programs on www.hesma.or.ke for ways and opportunities you could get online certificate programs offered by HeSMA and partners

Want your colleagues to learn more about HESMA Membership? Be a Member Recruiter, and share your HESMA membership experience with your peers. Just send us an email on recruitment@hesma.or.ke . Every year the tip two members who have recruited the most will be awarded honorary membership by the board of HESMA.