Practitioners/ Professionals

Professional membership of the Association shall be open to any health manager with;

  • Diplomas
  • Degree
  • Higher Qualifications recognized by the Association.

Membership Status

Membership is based on application, renewal and after satisfying the board that one has undergone
professional development within the year and other criteria as approved by the board. Under this categories
there are three levels that are distinct in terms of benefits.

Quick Look at categories

  • Bronze.
  • Silver
  • Gold

In order to qualify to be a full member of the Association one must;

  • Believe in the vision, mission and objectives of the Association as are stipulated from time to time.
  • Agree to be bound by the core values of the Association.
  • Be studying or have an academic/professional qualification in the field of Health services/Health Systems Management or any other Leadership, Management and Governance course approved by the Association.
  • Be approved by the Board.
  • Shall satisfy the guiding principles of leadership and integrity set out in Article 73 of the Kenyan Constitution adjusted and duly adopted to suit this Association.
  • Pay an annual subscription fee not later than the 31st day of January of every year that shall be determined by the Board depending on the category of membership.

Practitioners/ Professionals Fees

  • Bronze category- 4750shs per year.
  • Silver category- 9750 shs per year.
  • Gold Category- 14,750 shs per year.

Membership Benefits

Being a member at HeSMA improves your health management career and life through sharing knowledge, networking you with the right people and gaining practical support.

  • Exclusive invitation and pricing to the HeSMA annual events with excellence in education,value,and networking.
  • Students: Short and long term courses, scholarship, awards, career guidance options within and outside the organization will provide you a chance to secure high quality jobs in the region
  • 24×7 Recognition within Kenya and region by employers and training institutions
  • Unlimited networking and information exchange through HeSMA website and chapter interaction.
  • Opportunities for jobs and consultancies with the associations once they emerge are offered to qualified and competent members. Experienced health systems managers at Silver and Gold Membership get a chance to serve as resource persons/consultants on key assignments from time to time.
  • Peer to peer reviews and mentorship will help you solve some of the challenges facing you or your organization.
  • Decentralizing to chapters (county, institutions) will enable members gain an edge by being kept up-to- date on the most recent developments in the local area and providing them with a great chance to network with others in their area who could be facing many of the same problems and obstacles in health management
  • Membership Directory:- Available on-line could help members keep in touch with other members and organizations both locally (chapter or branch) and nationwide.
  • Immediate subscription to The Journal Of Health Systems Management will also allow professional growth
  • We also offer discounts on products and services e.g. further training in the universities MSC or Post grad diplomas (when available)
  • Eligibility of certification. This will demonstrates members’ knowledge and proficiency to employers. You can rise from a Certified Member, Diplomat to Fellow within 0-7years
  • Institutions get a chance to advertise on our website and backend linkages of online products