Call For Application for Professional Certification in East Africa

Credentialing and certification of health managers opens up for East Africa based healthcare leaders on the 1st of October 2023

Fact sheet:

Majority of healthcare workers leading and managing healthcare organizations don’t possess the required 80-Competencies and neither belong to a professional body.

Up to 78% of the healthcare leaders/managers are not competent nor comfortable with their current positions. They are poorly remunerated and most of the time feel as imposters. If anything, bad happened as a result of their actions in their workplace they have no basis of defense neither a future to look forward to in their profession.

What’s the cure? Credentialing of the total sum accumulated knowledge and skills against the prescribed 80 competencies is the solution to above issues.

To get more information/Apply for Credentialing and Certification email: or call +020-2330034/729872543.



Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) was founded through collaborative efforts of individual health managers and representatives of Kenyatta University and Kenya Methodist University. The representatives selected a working team that put together a constitution, registered the association and developed this strategic plan.

Although great strides have been made in improving the health indicators in Africa in the last 20 years, poor management of the sector has hindered it from being adequately responsive to the needs of the population. Of great concern, has been the level of management responsibilities put on health workers with minimal training and experience in management.

In 2013, the Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) was established and registered as an organization to champion health systems managers’ aspirations for a better managed health sector. Guided by the motto Professionalism in Health Management through Systems approach, HeSMA supports health systems managers in their professional and academic growth, and development. Since its inception, it was acknowledged that HeSMA was positioning itself for a long arduous but rewarding journey.

Board Certification

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HeSMA Membership


Student members are persons who are undergoing a course of training related to health system/Service management in an institution recognized by the Association.


Professional membership shall be open to any health manager with;
Diplomas,Degree & Higher Qualifications recognized by the Association.


Conferred by a special resolution of the board / AGM upon Health manager who has been recognized by the Assembly as having made an outstanding contribution to the profession.


Corporate Membership shall be conferred to companies and corporate bodies in Public, Private (profit and nonprofits)This bodies include; Training Institutions,


Associate Membership is open to any manager or individual in health-related field of practice including but not limited to persons in the fields of health management.


Conferred on any person (not a member) who in the majority opinion of the AGM has made an outstanding contribution to health management in Kenya or beyond.

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