Policy Statement on Professionalization of Health Systems

HeSMA Policy Statement on Professionalization of Health Systems Leadership and Management in the Eastern Africa Region

The Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) is committed to advancing the professionalization of leadership and management within health systems across the Eastern Africa region. Recognizing the diverse healthcare challenges and the potential for regional collaboration, HeSMA establishes the following policy directives:

  1. Regional Collaboration:
    • Policy Harmonization: HeSMA will work with health ministries across Eastern Africa to harmonize policies that support the professionalization of health systems management.
    • Regional Capacity Building: HeSMA will facilitate capacity-building initiatives that transcend national boundaries, promoting regional centers of excellence for leadership development.
    • Conferences and Summits: HeSMA will spearhead regional governance and leadership conferences, fostering a collaborative environment for shared learning and innovation.
  2. Interprofessional and Intersectoral Engagement:
    • Interprofessional Education: HeSMA will champion interprofessional education to encourage collaborative practice among health professionals across Eastern Africa.
    • Co-production with Stakeholders: HeSMA will engage with clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to co-produce health solutions that are culturally appropriate and regionally relevant.
    • Quality Improvement Initiatives: HeSMA will lead quality improvement initiatives, setting benchmarks for care across the region.
  3. Partnership with Educational and Industry Sectors:
    • Curriculum Development: HeSMA will partner with educational institutions to develop curricula that incorporate regional health leadership and management competencies.
    • Practice Enhancement: HeSMA will collaborate with healthcare organizations to implement best practices and improve care quality across Eastern Africa.
    • Research and Innovation: HeSMA will foster partnerships with academic and research institutions to conduct research that informs health systems management practices regionally.

Accountability and Transparency: HeSMA advocates for transparent decision-making processes and accountability in healthcare management, ensuring responsible governance of healthcare resources across Eastern Africa.

Service Improvement: HeSMA supports initiatives aimed at enhancing patient care and satisfaction, adopting evidence-based management practices, and encouraging innovation in healthcare delivery.

Educational Standards: HeSMA upholds high educational standards for health managers and leaders, developing accredited training programs and certification processes.

Integrity: HeSMA maintains the highest ethical standards in healthcare management, prioritizing patient welfare and adhering to a code of conduct that reflects integrity, compassion, and respect.

Knowledge Sharing: HeSMA facilitates the exchange of best practices in health management, driving systemic improvements across the health sector.

Equity in Healthcare: HeSMA advocates for equitable access to healthcare services, ensuring that policies and practices are guided by principles of fairness and inclusivity.

Through these directives, HeSMA aspires to elevate the standard of healthcare in Eastern Africa and contribute to the global discourse on health system excellence.

This policy statement reflects HeSMA’s dedication to the professionalization of health systems leadership and management, emphasizing the importance of regional collaboration and partnership across Eastern Africa to ensure a well-equipped health sector for the future

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