Identifying Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders for East Africa

The science of medicine is thousands of years old. The discipline of management sciences, which includes the study of leadership, is less than 100 years old. The management sciences applied to health care are still in their infancy (MSH, 2014). The leaders of organizations representing government, the private sector, healthcare associations, and academic institutions must come together to raise the recognition of professional management in healthcare, by developing core competencies for healthcare leaders with the input of a diverse group of healthcare organizations. Adoption of these competencies in curricula development and delivery will inform and align healthcare management development programs at all levels of undergraduate, postgraduate, and ongoing education and professional development. The shared aim of all participants is professionalizing the leadership and management of health systems to improve patient care globally. For academic institutions, the shared goal must be to ensure that we produce adequate numbers of competent healthcare leaders at all levels, be it operational, tactical, and strategic. It’s based on these tenants that Health Systems Management Association is bringing together the players in academia and professional programs in East Africa for a regional network that will evolve into a structured body.

About HeSMA and her work towards this endeavor

Health Systems Management Association is a professional body registered under the Societies Act of 1968 with a sole mandate of influencing healthcare through competent health systems managers. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of health sector performance in East Africa by strengthening leadership and management knowledge and skills. Under Key Result Areas for the period between 2019-2023, HeSMA embarked on engaging training institutions (Higher Education Network) as early as 2012. Two Universities were involved as corporate members to help start off HeSMA in 2013. Through our work and that of other stakeholders, we have a total of 8 Universities and 2 Colleges training healthcare leaders. The list of these training institutions is available here 

The role of training institutions in strengthening health systems is to;

  • Support curricula development, training of healthcare managers as well as faculty development
  • Development of case studies and best practice
  • Establish students clubs and alumni circle

Under Targeted Support Healthcare Leadership and Management Mentorship Programs for Universities and Colleges we are/or have;

  1. Deploying experienced, senior-level healthcare managers/executives to training institutions
  2. Developed mentorship framework (SOPS and tools) that are in use
  3. Targeted programs on health systems marketing, communication for purposes of increasing demand for health systems/care management programs by the health sector
  4. Providing Higher Education network programs with the impetus of and identifying next-generation healthcare managers

Under objective 4(above) HeSMA is engaging all training institutions in East Africa to scale up programs to train and mentor healthcare leaders. Through Programs and faculty members, our goal is to meet the demand of the whole healthcare sector to deliver 15,000 professionals in healthcare management, leadership, and governance in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Calling Training Institutions and Partners into Action

The purpose of this concept is to mobilize training institutions from East Africa Universities that are training Healthcare leaders/managers to action. HeSMA will engage, as a professional body in the harmonization of training programs to meet the needs in East African Countries as it pertains to health systems.  Together with Chairs of respective departments and partners, the network will re-look at the following needs that are immediately required;

  • Nomenclatures of the training programs, curricula, and post-training support including Alumni and role in the Association
  • A fresh review of the competency framework as recommended by HeSMA
  • Support to students taking management and leadership programs
  • recognition of the profession by other stakeholders including the realization of Scheme of Services and professional development of healthcare leaders

Target & Timelines

All colleges and universities offering the following courses and programs are invited to join this network;

  • Certificate/Diploma in Healthcare/Systems/Services Management
  • Bachelors in Healthcare/Systems/Services Management/Diploma
  • Post Graduate Degrees in Healthcare/Systems/Services Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management/ Healthcare Law etc.
  • MSc. Health Economics
  • MPH (Strategic Management)
  • MA/MBA in Healthcare Administration
  • Any other Healthcare/Services Management or leadership Program accredited by commissions in respective countries

The initial meeting date is 23rd July 2021 

East Africa (regional meeting) 22nd August 2021

Regional Network Launch & Conference October 29th and 30th 2021 

For an updated list of Universities already in the network click here 

To join the list please write to us at cc to You could also call us on +2540202330034

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