HeSMA enters an MOU with Africa Leading Tech University


In furthering training and professional support to healthcare managers in Kenya, Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) and Zetech University-Kenya entered into a collaboration on 26th October 2021 which will ensure that the Kenya health Sector meets the goal of building the capacity of 4,500 healthcare leaders. Zetech University is the eighth University in Kenya to enter into this broad-based understanding that is targeted to Higher Education Network aiming at enriching healthcare/systems management programs. HeSMA believes that a specialty in healthcare leadership with distinct competencies is one of the ingredients of a strengthened healthcare leadership & management.


The objective of the MOU is to provide tailor-made courses and programs aimed at the capacity development of HeSMA’s members and all healthcare workers on management, leadership and governance.  It governs the broad areas of collaboration in content development and delivery of healthcare management short and long courses between the parties from time to time, enrichment of the HSM Program, and adoption of entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare. IZET, an incubation hub based at Zetech University will support incubating health entrepreneurs and Innovators in Africa. It also aims at building structures to support the sustainability of the joint efforts.


Zetech University & Health Systems Management Association will be working with Health Systems stakeholders to build the health systems Management Specialist of the 21st century. This is a healthcare practitioner and research who has adopted innovation and entrepreneurship in her/his working environment, whether employed or in self-employment.  We are inviting innovators and entrepreneurs (small or medium health enterprises) to talk to us. Organizations willing to support business ideas and innovation in healthcare could also join us to incubate and support younger healthcare management innovators. Write an email {heading-Innovations in Health sector} to the HeSMA secretariat at info@hesma.or.ke or call +254729872543 today