Get your Professional Certification as a healthcare manager today!

Based on research and experience of different professionals there is a need for a framework and processes of professionalization of health care leaders in Kenya. Think briefly about recognized professionals in Kenya: doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers, university professors, law enforcement officers, or electricians. In countries where these professions are effective, they have many of these two elements in common;

  1. A recognized body of knowledge and competencies, and a process for certification or licensing with standards related to management and leadership.
  2. An established career path. Professional associations that support continued learning and advocate for the profession. Integrated professional development programs and approved courses are to be taken before one is certified fit to manage a health program.

This is what HeSMA Accreditation and Certification Framework are all about. The C & C board receives candidates’ application documents ie application forms and certificates as testimonials. Your application will be reviewed by the experts for suitability of certification as a Fellow, Diplomate, or Associate Health Systems Manager.

Once you submit your application, the Board is able to get back to you within 2 weeks with;

  • A detailed report on your level of competency and recommendations on which areas you need to build capacity on
  • A professional Award (either Fellow, Diplomate, or Associate)  that is recognized as the gold standard professional certification for healthcare managers in East African Countries

Take a step today and submit your application. Write/call to us receive the application form at Whatsapp and call line +254729872543



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