Celebrating World Patients Safety Week

At HeSMA all members have signed up to ensure the existence of a process to evaluate and improve the quality of care or services rendered to patients to ensure safety is of the highest level possible. Health systems practioners must avoid practicing or facilitating discrimination of individuals and patients, and institute safeguards to prevent discriminatory organizational practices. They must ensure the existence of a process that will advise patients and others of their respective rights, opportunities, responsibilities and risks regarding available
healthcare services, products and other interventions. This Thursday we are holding online Twitter discussion.

Topic: Securing Safe Health Services for Clients in a Strengthened Health System

Date: Thursday 14th Sept 2023

Time:19.00hrs [EAT]

link: https://lnkd.in/dFHaQQEg

We host as panelists Dr. Vivian Mbote ,Nyokabi Gakara Oduor – Otieno F. moderated by Walter Kibet Kiptirim &Elizabeth Wamwea.

All Health Systems practioners are welcome to attend through Twitter Spaces powered by HeSMA. Fredrick Kimemia JOHN MASASABI Rachel Waireri, PhDc, MBA, MHA