Kenyatta University holds HSM Students club day

Over 90 Students from Kenya Methodist, Kenyatta, and Mt Kenya University gathered at Kenyatta University Campus. They were accompanied by their faculty and patrons and the agenda was to engage with a team of mentors from HeSMA through an initiative called Wired4Ex. Wired4Excellence is a mentorship program by HeSMA and partners is supposed to fulfill our mission to identify, advocate for, and lead in raising a generation of Health Care Managers who will apply the systems thinking to respond to the needs and opportunities. Our outcome is the number of healthcare managers that have transitioned from Novice/junior management positions to mid-level and onward to senior executives. Wired4Ecellence program prepares beginners and mid-level managers move successfully into senior-level positions. Ultimately for healthcare industry this program ensures we have competent managers that will help organizations reach their goals. While beginners and mid-level healthcare managers contribute to all of these goals, they rarely possess the perspective to develop the high-level planning that will drive organization to attain them.

The purpose of this program is to mentor at least 4500 healthcare managers with a goal of providing them with knowledge and skills through mentorship, connecting them to mature resources from anywhere in the global healthcare network. The major function of Wired4Excelence project is to promote the younger and inexperienced healthcare managers (Mentees) development in specific areas and to facilitate successful completion of the program. It will also serve to ensure that we have enough of competent healthcare managers for the sector.

To engage with us on this program Kindly send an email to