HeSMA enters into a 5-year Partnership with Mt Kenya University

On 14th of September 2019, HeSMA entered into 5 year partnership with Mt Kenya University aimed at building the capacity of healthcare leaders in Africa.  HeSMA is committed to raising the standards of its members and therefore the industry as a whole as it continues to evolve as the premier organization for health manager capacity building and development

This partnership is part of HeSMA’s strategy to provide skills based capacity development programs to over 4500 healthcare leaders in Africa through innovative programs.

Mount Kenya University is a fully-fledged chartered university committed to a broad-based, wholistic and inclusive system of education with an overall goal of promoting human resource development for society’s progressive good. Mount Kenya University is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and member of Inter University Council for East Africa, African Association   of   Universities, and Association of Common Wealth Universities. Mt Kenya University is a centre of excellence in training, research and innovation in Science and Technology in Africa with a mission of attaining a world-class standards in training and innovation for sustainable individual prosperity and social development. 

This partnership priority will be to;

  1. Develop and deliver needs-based and professional short courses in support of healthcare managers affiliated to HeSMA and health sector in general.
  2. Facilitate and collaborate in dissemination of applied knowledge in Health System Management.
  3. Provide mentorship and coaching for healthcare managers and students
  4. Pursue benchmarking of training and advice in review of curricula for health system management, leadership and governance training.
  5. Participating in grant writing and peer-review process in preparation of content for scholarly publications and journals that are approved by both parties.
  6. Organize Workshops and Symposia in health systems management

Our point of Interaction will be in Nakuru Campus based in Nakuru, Kenya and will cover the regions of East Africa. We anticipate to offer residential, online (multimedia) programs. Please feel free to contact us for more information through  info@hesma.or.ke or  nkrcampus@mku.ac.ke       

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