Accepting Wired4Excellence Mentees!

Wired4Excellence is a 9 months structured mentorship program. It’s meant for active healthcare managers who would like to transition from at whatever level. They maybe novices, beginners in junior, mid or senior level. The recruitment is done in cohorts of 25-30 participants. HeSMA and partners are now accepting the second cohort. To apply call us on 0202330034 or 0729872543

‘’I have a background of Clinical Medicine and with MBA in Health Care Management. I have worked in the hospital context for 5 years before joining Health Insurance where I work in Quality Control and Standards department. I am a good learner, result oriented with good communication and organization skills. I look forward to growing in Health Care Management portfolio through Wired4Excellence. I look forward to moving from technical operation to strategic operations to enable me contribute through my skills and Knowledge. My interest in the future is Public Policy, Strategic Management and data analytics in making effective decisions and improving performance of an organization” Christine Ariga, Nairobi


Introduction: Five years of working with higher education network, counties and countries, healthcare organizations etc brought the need for coaching and mentorship. In many studies across developing countries managers have indicated lack of skills and confidence as their main hindrance in managing healthcare organizations. To build these capacities in form of skills, HeSMAestablished Wired4Excellence program aiming at offering professional training and mentorship program. This program taps on mature resources and transmits it to healthcare managers in East Africa. The genesis of this program was the intensive assessment by HeSMA in 2016 that revealed the gaps with junior and mid-level healthcare managers. These gaps originates from inadequate training and workplace mentorship and support. Mid-level managers have continually communicated a need to be supported to acquire more skills at the workplace. Beyond the “hardware acquisition” in classroom settings the managers need to be supported to do the job. At Wired4Excellence we emphasize on;

  1. Building relationship between the more experienced person (the mentor) and the less experienced person (the mentee)
  2. Giving the mentee a significant role in directing the process
  3. Personal development of the mentee though structured course from ABMA UK
  4. Formalization/documentation of the process including certification after completion

Wired4Excellence is a 9 months structured mentorship project. It’s meant for active healthcare managers who would like to transition from at whatever level. They maybe novices, beginners in junior, mid or senior level.


By the end of a mentorship program each of the candidates are expected to;

  1. Gain from your mentor’s expertise
  2. Receive critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills.
  3. Develop a sharper focus on the skills they need to develop in regards to global leadership competencies
  4. Network with a more influential employees and healthcare executives
  5. Gaining knowledge about healthcare organization’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success and therefore adapting more quickly to healthcare sector and industry.
  6. Share out frustrations as well as successes.



Step 1: Get to Know and meet your mentor

After enrolling Wired4Excellence program works with you to refine your CV, construct a working profile and any other documentation that may be needed for registration. We conduct a skills assessment (Audit). Through our global office we start a journey of matching you with your mentor. Your mentor could be based anywhere in the globe.

Step 2: Working with the mentoree

Mentees get full access to the mentor through face to face or multimedia. Wired4Excellence avails the learning resources for self-development that offers international certification for ABMA UK, customized for healthcare managers. The course has been designed to be self-taught in 16 sessions of 2 hours each. Provided by Wired4excellence in partnership with ABMA UK are all the materials participants require to go through the program successfully. The learner is appraised through observation by Wired4Excellence mentors and manager, completing an appraisal sheet at the end of each session. The learner will complete an initial Skills Audit and SWOT Analysis in Session 1 and then in Session 16 will complete another set, to show their improvement in skills and confidence. The skills covered by these resources;

  • Communication Skills
  • Self Confidence
  • Ethical behavior

Wired4Excellence manager will ensure that each participant gets the materials (Slides and handouts) together with learner’s handbook for practice. The facilitators of the program will have the teacher’s guide and scheme of work so that they could guide the students.

The competencies to be developed includes but not limited to;

Time Management Problem Solving Decision Making Report Writing Presentation Skills Coping with Organizational Change Critical Thinking Emotional Intelligence Conflict Resolution Motivation: Self & Others Teamwork Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Networking

“98% of employers believe life skills are important to their current business success.” iCIMS Hiring Insight Report

Observation and follow-up meetings. The mentor observes the mentee and gathers information on how well the mentee’s plan is working. The mentor shares this information with the mentee during the reflective conversation. The feedback is also provided to the Manager, Wired4Excellence project.

Step 3: Reflective conversation

In this part of the process, the mentor summarizes and gives feedback on the information gathered in 1 and Step 2, and the mentee responds to the mentor’s summary and feedback. Discussing the information should get mentees to reflect on what they learned from the task or session and on how to transfer these learning to their next coaching tasks or sessions. The mentees and mentors (where possible), during a healthcare managers boot camp shares the case studies of each participant with the group as a way of celebrating the results. Certificates are provided to successful Mentees.

STEP 4: BOOTCAMP and Graduation.

At the tail end of the 9 months program the mentees participate in camp cum workshop at a place of their choice together with the facilitators (and mentors-Where possible). In this forum the mentees are able to go through their journey and document successes including sharing among themselves. An external facilitator/guest is invited to help each participant identify their pathway post mentorship.

©Wired4Excellence program is a solution towards a challenge facing many managers. HeSMA has developed this proprietary mentoring program to build in skills based on numerous request as we mold the next generation of healthcare managers. Wired4Excellence should be a key component of your organization’s succession plan. It can also make the senior management team more effective today by creating an environment in which they work together to develop tomorrow’s leaders. We understand that you may have questions before signing up. All you need is to call us on +254202330034/72987254 or email

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