ALL4ONE Campaign 2023

The HeSMA family is a happy lot. We celebrate 10 years of existence.
We are growing every day from a membership of an initial 100 to now boasting 2500 Professionals. ALL4ONE campaign aims to sensitize and mobilize healthcare managers to the new thinking. All persons whose role is to ensure healthcare services are delivered and managed well. The role of healthcare managers is so critical to Universal Healthcare (UHC).
As we celebrate 10 years since its inception we take pride in the many achievements that have been made real by the efforts of each and every member, healthcare sectors (public and private), and other players including international partners. Our programs WIRED4EX, Credentialing, and Certificatication Program, and Health Systems Partners have continued to support the healthcare managers and the health sector at large.
Please visit the ABOUT US section on this website for periodic achievements as secured from 2013 to 2023.
To crown this celebration we shall be having a Gala Dinner on the 12th of May 2013 during our Leaders Congress in Mombasa Kenya.