Learning Management System Activated!

In healthcare management, leadership, and governance, continuous professional education (CPE) are deemed an essential tool by institutions, regulatory bodies, and organizations. It is considered a safeguard to professional practice to ensure patient safety and efficient service delivery. The Wired for Excellence (Wired4EX) program is a capacity development program for HeSMA that integrates technical, management, and leadership knowledge, skills, and attitude acquisition as the center for professional development.

From 10 years of exploration that HeSMA has a progressive framework for professional development that provides the following tools;

  1. Health and management competency framework that provides an 80-set of skills that needs to be acquired by professionals in healthcare leadership.
  2. The Health sector together with HeSMA and other stakeholders have developed Curricula for training Healthcare leaders that stipulate the need and course content
  3. The accredited courses and programs cover specific areas that practicing healthcare managers must acquire on a progressive basis. This means that all skills acquired are documented and updated on individual members’ accounts through a framework under the Guidelines of accrediting and certification of healthcare managers. 
  4. All practicing healthcare managers must acquire knowledge and skills and keep up with the requirements of the profession.

To start accumulating these skills managers are advised to log in to Canvas and start the acquisition of knowledge and skills on-the-go. These courses that are on offer at reduced costs for HeSMA Members can be acquired by any healthcare worker who is looking forward to transitioning to healthcare management.

To log in you need to download CANVAS as an application through this link 

Once you download the application send as a text message to +254729872543 or email info@hesma.or.ke to get settings for an account with us.

If you have an account with us sign up for these courses available in 2023!

Governance and Ethics in Healthcare

Health Systems Research Development

Healthcare Management Course

Systems thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

Leadership for 21st Century Healthcare Managers