Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Fellow, Diplomate, and Associate candidates must meet all of the following requirements prior to applying and sitting for the Board of Governors Exam in Healthcare Management:

Meet all eligibility requirements below; 
Membership: Be a current Member with one year of tenure as a member of a healthcare professional body

Academic Qualification: Be a holder of an advanced diploma or degree in a healthcare care-related program from a recognized institution. Copies of your diploma or final conferred transcript are required.

Professional Qualifications: Copies of your professional copies for short programs are required. Especially those that have to do with healthcare leadership, management or governance 

Healthcare Management Experience: Currently hold a healthcare management position AND have a minimum of TWO years of healthcare management experience. A copy of your job description, organizational chart, and resume is required.

References: Obtain two references that are to be included in the application form

Continuing Education: Complete a minimum of 32 continuing education hours related to healthcare management and administration within the two years prior to submitting an application 

Volunteer Activity: Complete four volunteer activities within the TWO years prior to submitting an application. Two of these activities must be community/civic and two of these must be healthcare-related activities.


Congratulations! You are now eligible to apply. Download the application form here and submit the application with your CV, Copies of Certificates, and other supporting documents to certification@hesma.or.ke.

Call/Whatsapp +254729872543 if you have any questions that needs clarification

Submit Certification fees as appropriate 

  • New application: Associate 10,000Kshs, Diplomate 15,000shs, and Fellow 20,000shs
  • Renewal application: Associate- 4500shs, Diplomate- 8500shs and Fellow-13,500shs

After your application is reviewed and approved you will be awarded the certification based on your accumulated knowledge, skills, and attitudes.