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HeSMA Board Certification as a Certified Associate (AHSM), Diplomate (DiHSM), or Fellow in Health Systems Management (FeHSM) signifies a minimum level of expertise, experience, and commitment to continuing education and professional development. Being Board Certified also identifies the degree of achievement in the profession. Certificates and Medals are awarded based on a Review and Certification Matrix in the following three categories;

Associate in Health Systems Management: Based on the framework a healthcare manager is supposed to show consistent self-improvement post-academic qualification. He or she is supposed to have gained a maximum of 2300 professional points.

Diplomate in Health Systems Management:  Based on the framework this is the second level of the certification. This is intended for mid-level managers who have acquired more knowledge and skills in the area of healthcare management. On successful application, they receive an award of Diplomate in Health Systems Management of DHSM signified by a Certificate of Recognition and Medal of Honour. The maximum professional points are 4500

Fellowship in Health Systems Management: A HeSMA Certified Fellow of Health System Management may display this distinguished title in the professional context, abbreviated as FeHSM.  Holders of the FeHSM title are a distinguished group of health management professionals who are entrusted with maintaining the oversight of legitimate practices of the occupation. These individuals are responsible for “safeguarding the public interest” which also “represents the interest of the Health Systems Managers,” and so “will act to maintain the position as the controlling body of high standards and practices for the HeSMA body. Professional points above 4500 equate to FeHSM.


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